In my previous film companies, I haven't had as many as 70 full-time employees, in addition to the hundreds of employees per individual film times the number of films are produced within any given year.

My book gives a clear illustration of how the film business, a global import export business, actually works, and illustrates the multitudinous opportunities for business persons who have an interest in filmed entertainment.

Film companies, particularly those that are active in the international market as well as the domestic market, have a necessity many executives who are highly specialized CEOs, presidents, COOs, CFOs, legal counsel, business affairs, publicity and marketing executives, international sales executive who travel and attend Film markets all over the world, executives who are skilled and specialized in banking, the required documentation to facilitate bank loans using presale contracts as collateral, as well as completion bonds, delivery and servicing executives, Accounting executives, collection executives, HR executives as well as creative and development executives.

My book and film school series touch on many of these areas of opportunity and goes into great detail about how the business side of the business actually works in today's global marketplace.

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