Andrew Stevens FoolProof Filmmaking for Producers

I believe that all good producers should possess vast knowledge and multiple skill sets. In my book, Andrew Stevens FoolProof Filmmaking for Producers, I liken the producer to the builder of a house, who oversees all facets of the construction of the project through completion and delivery to the marketplace for sale. In film, the producer is responsible to the financiers, studio or distributors and oversees every aspect of production, including the director, pre-production, production and post-production.

Producer’s responsibilities are both fiscal and creative. They must stay within the budget and schedule, and make sure the director is providing coverage and actor performances, ample enough to successfully edit the picture, while staying true to the genre that has been promised to the financiers, studio or distributors. Creatively, producers must have knowledge of story and script during the development stage and command the respect of the director, crew and talent. He or she must also have creative editorial and musical knowledge as well as a strong business sense and negotiating skills.

Having produced over 175 independent motion pictures, I have imparted my experience, with historical examples and perspective in both my book and film school series.

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