Andrew Stevens FoolProof Filmmaking for Screenwriters

There are many great teachers for story structure and screenplay structure such as Trubee, McKee, and the late Syd Field.

They teach act structure, character arcs, twists, archetypes, and a multitude of other very valid structural observations and techniques.

What I teach doesn't conflict with any of their teaching it coincides with it. However, I know from my vast experience that you can have the greatest story in the world the greatest screenplay in the world with the most of found characters and solid structure and if it is not commercial in the current trends of the marketplace that screenplay will never be made into a film.

What I teach all aspiring filmmakers and especially writers is to identify a trend that is salable in the marketplace prior to embarking on the development of a story or screenplay if you aspire to get your movie made rather than right for your own amusement with no pay off.

Screenwriting requires discipline and tenacity, but it requires a cognizance of more than just story and screenplay structure.

It is incumbent upon screenwriters to just understand the creative elements, but the business and physical elements that will allow the writer's screenplay to be made into a motion picture.

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