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Forty years ago I began as an actor, then became a writer, then a director, then a producer and foreign sales agent who conceived, developed, created marketing campaigns, sold, financed produced and delivered all of my own films, as well as those I acquired from outside producers.

Although I’ve been hired by studios and production companies to produce films for a fee, the majority of my career has been as an independent entrepreneur and i have created an owned my own films and have been responsible for creating my own livelihood as an independent.

Whether major or independent, in today’s changing economic climate and ever-evolving new media, the bottom line conundrum is the same:

What is the right film to make?

How do we get our film financed and make a fee, if we are salaried producers or how do we finance our film and leave a worthwhile profit margin if we are owner/producers?

I’m going to outline 7 keys that have proven successful for me, which have been critical in determining what the right film to make is for the current state of the global marketplace.