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Now available to purchase as a digital streaming “on-demand” version through Vimeo On Demand. Click here to learn more.

Based on a fully accredited college degree program in Motion Picture Production created by Stevens, this 8-disc boxed set takes the aspiring filmmaker through every facet of filmmaking, from both a creative and business perspective. Each DVD features Stevens, along with many industry professionals from every facet of the motion picture business, who share expertise and concise practical information for aspiring filmmakers, writers, producers, directors, executives and actors. Stevens takes you step-by-step through the global marketplace, screenplay development, pre-production, budget, schedule, camera and equipment, finance, subsidies, payroll, completion bonds, insurances, editorial and post-production, as well as the sales and marketing of films. Read More

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Now Available For Digital Streaming on Vimeo On Demand – Click here to purchase the digital version. Otherwise, proceed with checkout below if you want the box 8 Disc DVD set.


Now available to purchase the digital streaming version through Vimeo On Demand. Click here to learn more.

This 8 DVD boxed set includes hours of instruction, contract templates, sample budgets, schedules, and much more.

Vol 1 Disc I
  • Learn: How to TAP into the current marketplace – Trend + Analysis = Profit
  • How to access the Foreign Market which can provide 65% of your film’s revenues
  • How films are bought and sold
  • How to determine the right film to make for the global marketplace
  • How territories and terms are defined
  • How Independents model the majors

Vol 1 Disc II

  • Tour the American Film Market
  • Hear directly from:
    • Buyers
    • Buyers reps
    • Producer’s reps
    • Sales Agents
    • The Director of the American Film Market
    • Independent Producers

Vol 2 Disc I

  • How to follow the trend of the current market desire
  • How to develop a script to meet the market trends
  • How to write for cost effectiveness
  • How to stay genre specific
  • Writer resources
  • Writer contracts

Vol 2 Disc II

  • Film Finance:
    • Subsidies
    • Tax credits
    • Pre-sales
    • Equity
    • Banks
    • Completion bonds
Vol 3 Disc I
  • Pre-Production: All facets of how to prep an independent film
  • Tricks of the trade
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Unions
  • Insurance
  • Payroll companies
  • Essentials to protect you and your film

Vol 3 Disc II

  • Crew categories
  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Grip equipment
  • Lighting equipment
  • Camera formats:
    • 16mm
    • 35mm
    • Digital
Vol 4 Disc I
  • PDF Samples of materials covered:
    • Contracts
    • Script
    • Budget
    • Schedule
    • Marketing materials

Vol 4 Disc II

  • New Media and the Internet
  • Motivation
  • Re-invention
  • Overview
  • Recap

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