FoolProof Filmmaking


In Foolproof Filmmaking: Make a Movie That Makes a Profit, Stevens provides real-world examples and his own proven techniques for success that can turn passion into profit. He reveals and explains industry secrets no other book or film school does. The principles outlined in this book aren’t just theory, but practical application that filmmakers of all levels can use to succeed in today’s ever changing marketplace. You will learn how to develop, negotiate, sell, finance, produce, distribute, cast and market a film that can make a profit, not a mistake. Stevens gets right to the point and cuts out all the filler. He details his proven TAP ™ system of success (Trend + Analysis = Profit). This book contains numerous examples from Stevens’ previous films, including budget, schedule, and pertinent contracts. This is the definitive book every filmmaker must have. Read more

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With over 550-pages, Chapters cover:

  • Producing, Writing and Directing
  • Developing the Right Script and Project
  • Pitching to a Studio or Network
  • The Global Marketplace
  • Profit Participation
  • Sales Agents, Distribution and Foreign Pre-Sales
  • Financing, Investors and Crowdfunding
  • Actors, Agents, Attorneys and Managers
  • Budgeting, Insurance and Production Legal
  • Domestic Market, Festivals, and Market Value
  • Pre-Production, Production & Post-Production
  • The Internet and New Media
  • Unions and Guilds
  • Casting, Locations, Scheduling
  • Union vs. Non-Union
  • Managing Production Costs
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Closing the Deal
  • Camera Formats
  • Marketing & Publicity

and much more…

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