“This isn’t film school theory, it’s how to make a film in the real world and make a profit.”

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“This book and film school series is the best money a filmmaker can spend and will pay for itself many times over.”

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“One of Hollywood’s most prolific producers.”

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“Foolproof Filmaking doesn’t candy coat. Stevens’s direct, no BS approach is a refreshing and thorough compendium of hard experience fought for and earned in the trenches of real filmmaking. Producing is a business. Foolproof Filmmaking shows you how to make it viable.”

“I can honestly say that this should become the reference standard for any aspiring or practicing filmmaker. I think it’s the best book on the subject ever produced.”

“FoolProof is the definitive “how to” bible of filmmaking. If you have a question about making a movie – the answer can be found In this extensive and substantial book. It’s simply the real deal.”

“There is no greater vortex of knowledge and expertise on this subject than Andrew Stevens. this book should be required reading for all producers, studio heads and filmmakers. A lifetime of knowledge from this no BS producer.”

Andrew Stevens’ “Foolproof Filmmaking” is hands-down the best independent filmmaking course out there. What makes his program superior to every other program floating around is that, whereas other courses talk about one or two aspects of independent filmmaking and always stop short of how you actually make money off a film, Andrew Stevens actually teaches you every step in the process of taking your film to market. “Foolproof Filmmaking” explains the ins and outs of the business of filmmaking. You won’t get the standard “Get into a great festival and then wait for your film to get picked up by a major studio!” line. Instead, you’ll get the point-by-point breakdown of what to realistically expect in our current climate of film buying and selling, and, most importantly, how you can make that climate work for you. This program is required material for anyone who is interested in making filmmaking a profession. Go through “Foolproof Filmmaking” before you make your next (or first) film and you will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to turn your film into a viable product that you can make your investment money back with. If you want filmmaking to be more than a hobby or a passion project, then you need “Foolproof Filmmaking.”