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Andrew Steven's FoolProof Filmmmaking Film Series in now available digitally through Vimeo On Demand. Check it out!

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Andrew Stevens has financed and produced over 175 motion pictures.

Andrew Stevens Reveals Secrets No Other Book or Film School Does.

Andrew Stevens has financed and produced  micro-budget independent films, award-winning Cannes and Sundance festival movies.  He also financed blockbuster studio theatrical release.

Over 175 motion pictures, Stevens' films have generated over $1 Billion in world-wide sales.

Now, Stevens reveals the secrets no other book or film school does.

Andrew Stevens Reveals Secret. Stevens will teach you how to develop the right script for the marketplace, how to negotiate the right deals, and keys to successful financing.

He will also teach you about casting, distribution, sales and marketing of your film, so that you will have the tools to make a film that makes a profit, not a mistake.

Andrew Stevens Reveals Secrets. Learn more, launch your career now and turn your passion into profit!