Classes Photo 300x199 - SeminarsThe most complete and relevant workshop today for producers, writers, directors and filmmakers of all levels.

Named "One of the most prolific producers in Hollywood" by the Hollywood Reporter, Andrew Stevens has produced and financed over 175 motion pictures. From micro-budget independent films to award-winning Cannes and Sundance festival movies to blockbuster studio theatrical releases, Stevens' films have generated over one billion dollars in world-wide sales.

Learn the secrets no other film school can teach you in Andrew Stevens' 2-Day Master Class Workshop. During this two day comprehensive and highly engaging interactive Master Class experience, you will learn Stevens proven method of success and the techniques necessary to get your film made. Stevens doesn't just teach his winning formula, he uses it himself to get every film made, financed and sold for a profit.

You will learn how to develop the right script for the marketplace, how to negotiate the right deals, keys to successful financing, casting, distribution, sales and marketing of your film, so that you will have the tools to make a film that makes a profit, not a mistake

Stevens not only provides real-world examples based on his past successes, but his proven formula of how to tap into The global marketplace for your movie. Ask yourself, would you rather learn from a professor or a professional?

Launch your career and turn your passion into profit!

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This 2-Day Master Class Workshop Covers:

  • Learn how to TAP into the current marketplace: Trend +Analysis = Profit
  • How to access the Foreign Market which can provide 65% of your film’s revenues
  • How films are bought and sold
  • How to determine the right film to make for the global marketplace
  • How territories and terms are defined
  • How Independents model the majors
  • Overview of Film Markets
  • Understanding:
    • Buyers
    • Buyers Reps
    • Producer’s Reps
    • Sales Agents
    • Distributors
  • How to follow the trend of the current market desire
  • How to develop a script to meet the market trends
  • How to write for cost effectiveness
  • How to stay genre specific
  • Writer resources
  • How to finance your film:
    • Subsidies
    • Tax credits
    • Pre-sales
    • Private equity
    • Banks
    • Crowd source
  • How to put together the right team
  • Attaching cast
  • When to make offers to talent
  • Hiring the right director
  • Agents and managers
  • Industry protocol
  • Negotiating the contract
  • How to structure the deal
  • Recap
  • Q & A


  • Pre-Production: All facets of how to prep an independent film
  • Tricks of the trade
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Unions
  • Insurance
  • Payroll companies
  • Essentials to protect you and your film
  • Crew categories
  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Grip equipment
  • Lighting equipment
  • Camera formats:
    • 16mm
    • 35mm
    • Digital
  • Music and publishing rights
  • Post production
  • Delivery
  • Selling your movie
  • Types of distribution
  • Negotiating the distribution deal
  • Marketing, publicity and festivals
  • Revenue collection
  • Royalties, residuals
  • Return on investment
  • Collect your profit!
  • Motivation
  • Re-invention
  • Overview
  • Recap
  • Q & A

Upcoming MasterClass Seminars