Andrew Stevens FoolProof Filmmaking for Actors

Most actors have heretofore been naïve about the entertainment business, the way the business really works, and how it affects them as performers. They have often intentionally been kept in the dark, even by their own union, as to how they, individually, as a key component of the industry, can harness their own power and become more effective and more successful.

Unions are big businesses, which employee many high salaried people, both on the union side and on the side of their pension plans, which is the cash cow that they care most about at the expense of their members.

Actors have also been known to be notoriously insecure, with their agents as their sole lifeline to the business and their livelihood. Hence, the proliferation of personal managers who work on percentages, attorneys who work on percentages, and business managers working on percentages, praying on the insecurities of actors, the majority of them treat actors like incompetent children.

Andrew Stevens FoolProof Filmmaking for Actors, this book and film school series pulls back the veil and demystifies the business exposing it for how it really works.

It is essential for actors to understand not just their creative craft, but how the business side of the business works and how, with that understanding, they can be more effective in controlling their own destinies and their own livelihood.

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