More High Praise for FoolProof Filmmaking

December 5, 2014 |
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Facebook post from Parrish Randall :

Whether you’re an actor or a filmmaker, check out Andrew Stevens’ new book FoolProof Filmmaking. Andrew is one cool dude with a long history of film and TV credits to his name from “The Fury” to “The Seduction” to “10 to Midnight” and many more. With the experience he gained from many years of film work, he has written an honest, all encompassing guide to the process of film production. Check it out!!…

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Recent Visit to Dallas Screenwriters Assoc.

November 5, 2014 |
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On October 17, Andrew stopped by the Dallas Screenwriters Association. View pictures from the event below and learn more about FoolProof Filmmaking the book and DVD series.

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High Praise for FoolProof Filmmaking – The Book

July 24, 2014 |
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I’ve received some pretty high praise from Industry leaders about my book FoolProof Filmmaking. Here are a few:


“Foolproof Filmaking doesn’t candy coat. Stevens’s direct, no BS approach is a refreshing and thorough compendium of hard experience fought for and earned in the trenches of real filmmaking. Producing is a business. Foolproof Filmmaking shows you how to make it viable.”

R Philip – Writer/Director

“I can honestly say that this should become the reference standard for any aspiring or practicing filmmaker. I think it’s the best book on the subject ever produced.”

Bill Dever, Director – Indy Film Co-op

“FoolProof is the definitive “how to” bible of filmmaking. If you have a question about making a movie – the answer can be found In this extensive and substantial book. It’s simply the real deal.”

Marc Vahanian, Executive Coach, Author of Authentic Confidence – The 7 Keys

“There is no greater vortex of knowledge and expertise on this subject than Andrew Stevens. this book should be required reading for all producers, studio heads and filmmakers. A lifetime of knowledge from this no BS producer.”

John Putch, Director/independent filmmaker

To read more, view our testimonials here. To see what FoolProof Filmmaking – The Book is all about, read more on the product page.

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Films that People Want at American Film Market

May 8, 2014 |
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Recently Andrew spoke at the American Film Market. Yahoo News was there to comment on the event and the business of entertainment.

Producer Andrew Stevens spoke in front of a crowded conference hall at the American Film Market over the weekend and told an audience, “If you want to make films as a career, you got to make films that people want to buy. If they don’t want to buy it, don’t make it. A friend once told me, “I don’t make cakes that I want to eat, I make cakes that other people want to eat.”

AFM is one of the largest entertainment business and networking environments in the world that offers unparalleled viewpoints of all aspects of the business of making movies.

Expert advice like Stevens’ has been filtering across Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica since American Film Market (AFM) triumphantly opened its doors for 2013 last week. On the various floors of Loews Hotel film buyers from territories all over the world are showcasing new films that are available and also offered the opportunities to buy in advance films that are just getting under way. As time is short and sweet, companies present their films in a simple manner showcasing trailers and key-art. So as Samuel L. Jackson and Hailee Steinfeld prepare to shoot the new film “Barely Legal” in Atlanta, the film is being pre-sold at AFM.

Read this fantastic article from Yahoo News:


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